Nanpoo Modern Nursery


 Nanpoo (Moder Nursery)

“The Nature at your Home “


Nanpoo Modern Nursery, formerly known as “Nanpoo” is semi-private started since 2001 in Dubai making wholesale and retail gardens, landscape materials, and plants supply till date. In Jan 2003, nanpoo established a new branch in Bahrain to expand the business, as well by young entrepreneur till date.  


Our mission statement in Nanpoo is “The Nature at your home”.

We are focusing in healthy environment, where people can live in nature without recent evolved diseases, bringing nature back inside our homes, roads, offices, hospitals, restaurants and everywhere.


Nanpoo intended to be completely new model for supplying nature driven products.


Nanpoo Vision

To be the leader in providing landscape furnishing constructions services, through focused and specialized field of production and construction.

Besides having partnership with society through our shareholders-staff and added value services to their daily live.


Nanpoo Values

  • People feel happy to live in natural environment.
  • Natural environment is important source for health
  • Children grow better in healthy environment


Values Key drivers

  • Genuine advices
  • Customer trust
  • Professionalism in provision
  • Quality of products
  • Long term relationships


Nanpoo, with lots of projects, materials supply in Dubai, and other landscape projects installed in Bahrain for residential, commercial, Government, is one of the fast growing companies in Designing / Making landscapes and water features.  We have skilled Architects / Engineers / workers and we are always willing to serve our clients to the fullest and the best we can. We can assure every client with high quality jobs and satisfactorily finished projects.

Nanpoo has been engaged also in different projects from well known companies such as Dadabhai, Diplomat Hotel, Ain Adhari Park, Elite Hotels Group, Riffa Road, Minster Roundabout, Cornice Khalifa Al Kabeer, Adliya Junction and Village Al Jazzier in Kingdom of Bahrain, Villas in Durrat Al Bahrain, Porta Reef.

           Royal Commission Jubail Saudi Arabia etc.

nanpoo has strong supply chain from different resources, has delivered and supply Jaddaf nurseries, al warsan nurseries, and many different private projects in Dubai.


Why Nanpoo?

Nanpoo is focused into building long-term relationships that goes beyond once-off job, with customers. Nanpoo is committed to build strong bound with customers to be part of their sustained growth and success.


Nanpoo Work Methodology 

  • Waterfall methodology for end to end project management
  • Competitive quality products through
    • Special dedicated sector to commercial projects
    • Special dedicated sector to government projects
    • Special dedicated sector to residential projects
  • Total project management through qualified project management team, supported by locally developed technical teams
  • Focus into specialized services
  • Outsourcing to all non core activities
  • Partnership with our staff
  • Deep focus in providing quality specialized products to our customers
  • Large network of suppliers and manufacturers among Middle East, Europe, Asia pacific
  • Ability and experience in providing water feature technology, irrigation systems, multi types of flooring, landscaping, nursery plants
  • Our philosophy of work is based and focused on:
    • Our belief to provide the natural quality of urban and rural landscape, the fundamental of healthy life
    • Our belief in raising the community awareness of natural environment
    • Focused strategy of our customers feedback in developing and improving our domain of focused services
  • Proper utilization of technology resources to support work practices


Nanpoo Services

  • Landscape
    • Designing, implementation, supervision and maintenance to gardens landscaping
    • Designing, implementation of gates and pathways landscaping
    • Designing, implementation for multi type of flooring
  • Constructing, building, and maintenance to traditional and modern gardens, specialized water features, fountains, and waterfalls
  • Import and export of landscape materials
  • Indoor environment services
    • Design and supply to all water features to fit into homes, offices, schools, entrance areas
    • Design and supply of gardening accessories


Nanpoo garden and landscape materials ,Products

  • Pots
  • Irrigation equipments
  • Fertilizers, soil improvement
  • Paving stone
  • Pvc Edges
  • Agriculture sand
  • Pebbles stone
  •  Natural stones
  • Garden and landscape lights
  • Nursery materials
  • Plants, trees, Date palms, ground covers
  • Composite wood
  • Artificial syntactic  grass
  • Artificial grass machinery, tools.
  • Grass machinery
  • Garden hand tools & equipment
  • Plants bags, pots
  • Sculptures
  • garden Furniture
  • garden ornaments
  • landscaping materials
  • plants, seeds,   bulbs
  • ponds & water feature
  • Pots, window boxes, Baskets
  • Power tools & equipments 
  • Weed, best control
  • Other garden materials, wood trails


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