Exceptional Features

White peat, brown peat, and black peat continue to be the most significant substrate components today despite our ongoing efforts to find more environmentally friendly alternatives thanks to their superior physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.

We have large peat fields for sustainable peat extraction in the Baltic States and Ireland. Furthermore, we have huge peat reserves in other nations where we extract peat ourselves. High-quality peat from Finland is supplemented into our own peat.

Our inventories guarantee that we will be able to deliver consistent amounts of peat in the upcoming decades, as well as peat of a consistent and excellent quality. 

Wood fibre

Proven Success

Our most popular renewable resource is wood fiber, which we developed and produced ourselves. a strong wood fiber that promotes rapid and healthy root growth, expands the substrate’s air volume, and guarantees the substrate’s long-term structural stability.

For the creation of GreenFibre, only nearby sources of wood are utilized. The RHP quality label, which confirms GreenFibre’s viability as a substrate component for commercial horticulture, is another feature.

GreenFibre comes in three different types.

  • GreenFibre fine – for pressed pots and tray substrates.
  • GreenFibre medium – for bedding plants and potting soil substrates.
  • GreenFibre coarse – for coarse container substrates.


 Guaranteed Quality

Our green compost is of the highest caliber and RHP certified. It is created from green residual fluxes, making it a renewable resource. MPS-ECAS oversees the certified production process, providing an additional assurance for a superior product.


Healthy Growth

The coconut husk, which we sell under the trade name Shakti Cocos®, can be used to make three different fundamental goods. Coir fiber, coir pith, and coir crush. Our coconut products can be delivered in any chosen container.

For practically all crops and in almost all situations, coir pith can be utilized as a pure substrate. It encourages the development of strong roots and has a high air content.

For a select few crops, coir crush, also known as coir chips, can be used as a pure substrate. They increase the air content and enhance water movement in mixes.

The use of coir fibers enhances water movement in mixes. The mixture has better drainage, capillary action, and water distribution.

Processing is necessary to make coir chemically stable. For this, Shakti Cocos® has created Shakti Amla®, a distinct, proprietary process. The pH of the coir is decreased to the desired level and ensured to be chemically stable. The plants benefit from greater root development, enhanced uptake of trace elements in particular, increased quantitative and qualitative production, and increased resistance to various fungal infections.